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About MCD Project Services

One of the central focuses of MCD Project Services is to provide strong talent from site engineers to project managers to various clientele.

MCD Professional Recruitment Services

About Us

McD Project Services were formed in 2017 by a team of construction professionals, with over 30 years of combined experience in the construction industry in Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia. They have extensive experience on major infrastructure projects for Tier one contractors. MCD Project Services have operations in Ireland, UK and Australia.

The company was founded with the aim of providing the finest quality project staff and business recruitment services to our clients. MCD Project Services prides itself with having delivered on its aim with numerous satisfied clients.

One of the central focuses of MCD Project Services is to provide strong talent from site engineers to project managers to various clientele.

We at MCD Project Services work effectively with our clients to ensure we provide nothing short of the best possible customer service.

Our Company Vision

Building Relationships

Our focus is on strengthening relationships, fostering co-operation between parties and achieving strong commercial outcomes that minimise costs for our Clients.

Ongoing Improvement

Ongoing learning and evolving in anticipation of future trends and market needs. Striving for continued self improvement to maintain performance of market leaders.

Striving for Excellence

Combine our past experience and learnings to deliver our clients  with invaluable professional consulting and the best customer service.

Innovative and Efficient

We are dedicated to providing innovative, creative, cost effective and efficient construction methodologies that will optimise and streamline all tasks undertaken.

What We Can Do

We can assist you in setting your projects up for success from the outset with short-term and long-term resources.

People is our most valuable resource

McD Project Services is built around the believe that working together (hand-in-hand) make the difference. Our company is aware that excellence, reliability, communication and success comes from working in partnership with our clients and candidates. We are committed to ensure healthy relationships and we strive to be our best.

Why Choose Us

Multi Disciplined Engineering

Technical knowledge of Construction Methodologies and Project Management.

A Powerful Partnership

Partnering with contractors to provide estimating, programming, project delivery services and recruitment services.

Assurance of a good outcome

Extensive experience in Major Project Delivery and the talent required for Successful Delivery.

Striving to Be Our Best





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